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Yvette Dulfer-Hyams

yvette-dulfer-hyams-potimg_2145To study pottery is to study tradition, technique, chemistry, process and concept. It is honest and physical, but also needs thought and consideration. I explore processes and techniques to make my mark on a pot, while also showing restraint. This is complemented by the relationship between clay and the glaze. In some of my work you will see the start an exploration into ash glazes.


Joe Simone

Joe Simone

Joe has been potting for more than 20 years and has been a member of St George Potters Association since 2000.  Joe completed the TAFE Advanced Diploma in Ceramics and is a popular teacher in our classes.  Joe is very knowledgeable about pottery equipment, especially kilns and he has used this expertise to manage our kilns and firings.

Joe enjoys exploring new aspects of ceramics and is currently developing techniques that use a Chinese drawing style to create western motifs as design elements in his work.joevase2014-300x225





Peter Moore

img_1328Peter attended a children’s pottery class at St George Potters in the late 1970s.  The first time he used a potters wheel he feel in love with the feeling of the clay forming into a pot in his hands.  Working and living overseas meant that pottery was ignored for many years.  However at the beginning of 2016 Peter recognised his need for a hobby and rejoined St George Potters Group to be part of a community.  Peter enjoys making attractive functional wear that looks good and is pleasing to use – he still loves the magic of the wheel.  He also loves experimenting with glazes and the transformation that happens in firing.  He is currently working on developing a good range of cone 6 glazes for use in the studio.  Peter is learning to use Chinese brushwork designs as decoration.  You can see more of his work at www.petermoorepottery.com and https://www.facebook.com/petermoorepottery/



Marija Bijelic

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-11-15-55-amMarija is the maker behind emil and nomel. She has been working with clay for a few years and enjoys making pieces that feel organic and unrefined, to reveal a bit about how each was made. Marija is active on Instagram.com/emilandnomel and you can see her work on her website www.emilandnomel.com.emil-and-nomel

Kimberly Cruz

bioMy approach to ceramics is similar to that of any artist applying meaning to her art. Each piece is drawn from both wonderful and painful experiences past and present. I allow myself to become vulnerable in the process, exposing a multitude of memories, insecurities, confidence and hope. Through this, I strive to translate uniqueness, imperfection and honesty of heart into each of my pieces. Follow me on my little journey on https://www.instagram.com/thepotterxtheclay/ …






Vanessa Leung

vanessa-potterMy works are heavily influenced by the integral role of pottery in Japanese culture. I formalised my addiction to clay with a Diploma of Ceramics from Sydney Tafe’s Sutherland College. Having only scratched the surface, I’m always inspired by others and learning about different works and techniques. I’m currently coming to terms with my unrequited love of porcelain, and keen to further develop my knowledge in making mid-fired 1200 degree ceramics and glazes. To see my journey with clay so far, please visit my blog at www.wabisabiwarabi.com or connect with me @wabisabiwarabi on Instagram.







Tamara Pottier

11951867_10153108136166056_8971107945044320084_nTamara Pottier studied Ceramics at The National Art School she is a fulltime artist and juggles her talents through her Realist style Painting and her ceramics. Her Pots are inspired by nature adding elements of foliage on her wheel thrown forms, She makes domestic ware as well as sculptural and painted work. Right now she is working towards her Solo Exhibition in winter 2017 at Galleryone88 in katoomba.  https://www.instagram.com/tamarapottier_artist/  https://www.facebook.com/Tamara-Belalied-Martinez-Pottier-102410819846669/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel p1230600





Christopher Summers

14484752_10153745303721459_1711718297448171640_nI am a Visual Arts teacher who only began working with clay about 2 years ago. Ceramics is a meditative medium for me and I love when my attention is solely on the wheel. The volatility and fragility of working with clay makes it one of the most exciting and rewarding art practices. unnamed

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