Two of our members Phylls and Sandi

Membership is open to experienced potters with a willingness to participate in our community.  Prospective members need to apply and submit samples of their work to the committee to evaluate their experience.

We are a community run space, therefore we expect our members to participate in open days, Council events, studio cleanups, and in the packing of kilns.

We have a members meetings every two months to keep our group and studio running.  At the end of the meeting one of our members will give a talk or demonstration on different aspects of pottery.

Please contact us via the contact form for further information or to apply.

Annual membership fees
• $150 – access to workshop facilities
• $190 – access to workshop facilities and glazes
• $ 10 – Key deposit (one off)

Member Peter Moore demonstrates brushwork decoration at one of our meetings.

Firing costs for members and students is $5/kg each for bisque and glaze.  $10 for non-members.

Members are given a key to the workshop and can use it at any time other than while classes are in progress.  According to the conditions of our lease with the council we cannot use the studio after 11pm each day or 9pm on Sunday.

A summary of when the studio is available for members is:

  • Monday – all day until 7pm
  • Tuesday – all day until 7pm
  • Wednesday – between 1 and 7 pm
  • Thursday – all day until 7pm
  • Friday – all day till 11pm (on meeting night  up to 6.30pm)
  • Saturday – after 12pm to 11pm (except when there is an event)
  • Sunday – all day to 9pm

More times are available during class holidays please check the class and event calendar is available here – Class & Event Calendar

Click here to meet some of our members.