Glaze Club

Cone 6 glaze samples

In 2016 the decision was made that the studio would change our glaze firing from cone 9 (1280 deg C) to cone 6 (1220 deg C).  Even though there is only a 60 deg difference it makes a big difference in the amount of energy used and is much less strain on the kilns.  This is better for the environment as well as the kilns which will last longer.  This means that our cone 9 glazes, some of which have been used by SGPA for more than 40 years needed to be replaced with cone 6 glazes.  During 2016 a couple of members worked on developing new cone 6 glazes.  Other members became interested in the process of testing and developing glazes and so the “Glaze Club” began in 2017.   A couple of times a year members meet together to test out new glaze recipes.  Members learn some basic glaze theory and get hands-on experience of measuring, mixing and sampling new glazes.  Successful glaze samples are taken to the committee and teachers to decide which ones will be made up for the group to use.  The glaze club is open to all members.