Our studio is located at Old St David’s Church.  Corner of Edwards and Hirst Sts Arncliffe.  The studio is available for use by members when there are no classes.

Our studio is equiped with the following:

  • Seven Venco electric pottery wheels,
  • Slab roller
  • Extruder
  • Pug mill
  • Three electric kilns with automatic controllers
  • Collection of plaster moulds
  • Library of books and magazines

We regularly run kiln firings for students and members.  Glaze firing is to cone 6.  We have a selection of cone 6 glazes available to students and to members who have paid the glaze fee.  Firings for members and students are $5/kg each for bisque and glaze ($10 for non-members).

Members who are qualified may also hire the kilns when they are not in use and arrange their own firing.  These can be done to bisque temp, cone 6 or cone 9.

We carry stock of several stoneware clays and they can be purchased by members from the studio.

Studio at Old St David’s Church