St George Potters has served Sydney’s inner and southern suburbs since the early 1960s. We are a community potters group offering membership and community studio space to experienced potters.   Our members are active in the Australian pottery community, continuing to practice their skills,  taking part in events and exhibitions in the area and beyond.    We want to see the art of pottery flourish in Australia so we also provide affordable classes where we pass on our knowledge and skills to those who want to learn this amazing craft.   Some of our members and students have gone on to tertiary training in pottery.  We have a well equiped studio in Arncliffe where we run classes, hold exhibitions and sales and run events.  The studio is also available for members to use for their own work.

Pottery Classes

We have been providing affordable classes in pottery since 1973.   Our experienced teachers provide careful instruction and you will have time each week to work on different projects.  Instruction is provided in hand building, using the potters wheel, glazing and decorating. Classes are organised in a 4-term year (usually 9 weeks closely approximating school terms).  For more information click here


Membership is open to anyone with pottery expertise. Members are given a key to the workshop and can use it at any time other than while classes are in progress. Access to the studio includes use of the wheels, slab roller, moulds and other equipment. Members can have their work fired for a fee.  For more information click here


Throughout the year we take part in events arranged by Bayside council and we also open our doors to the community with open studio days, fetes and fairs, sales and exhibitions.  Keep an eye on this website to hear about upcoming events.